Žižkovská 30

Landscape festival Žižkov 2020

Žižkov usually lives in the level of tens, elevens, twelve and numbers (sometimes even flawlessly) higher. We offer a healthy, summer green thirty-degree specialty for curious and true connoisseurs, to be tasted completely free of charge throughout the Landscape Festival and possibly after it. Thirty plants that we meet every day and overlook are uninteresting, but which are in fact full of surprises. With a philosophy of minimal intervention in the environment, we want to present them in a new light. Through simple stops with signs, texts and pictures, we recall the properties of plants and their connection to our past. Using links via QR codes, we will connect them with existing information databases heading for a virtual future. The real attention will then hopefully be focused on the plants, which grow, smell, breathe and are present. The basis of the project is thirty species of plants in various places along the route, which we selected according to the localities of occurrence of local taxa. We identified them, harvested the available facts, which we welded, filtered and now let them mature in the heads of Praguers and  non-residents.

Location Prague - Žižkov
Investor Landscape festival Žižkov 2020
Project phase concept, realization
Year 2020