Founded 2010 as author's studio Ing. Jitka Trevisan after twenty years of professional work in the Czech Republic and abroad in the field of design, teaching and research.

Atelier operates in the field of designing both large and small scale. It deals with complex design and consulting activities in the field of garden and landscape design, ranging from the concept, through all stages of project documentation, including the author supervision.

The main areas of interest of the studio are garden, landscape, public spaces, architecture and design with emphasis on context of the place, preservation of the uniqueness of the locality, selection of plants, client needs, personal approach and sustainability of the project from the care point of view.

It also processes grant applications, organises professional foreign and domestic excursions, contributes to the development and popularisation of the field by numerous publications and lectures for the professional and general public, and acts on the academic grounds by leading and reviewing the final student work. The activities of the studio include efforts to save old and proven fruit varieties of Kokořínsko, saving old things and finding new homes, multiplication of selected plants and experiments with non-traditional use of plants for culinary art.

The core of the studio is complemented by a group of co-workers and professional specialists (construction and artistic professions).






Ing. Jitka Trevisan

authorized landscape architect, head of the studio

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Ing. arch. Klára Concepcion, DiS.

architect, deputy head of the studio

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