via Šibenec

study of restoration of historical road from Mšeno to Velký Újezd

The restoration consists of part of the existing path in the proposal of grubbing, treatment of the existing and planting new vegetation. Establishment of a grassy road and new planting. The road leads from the edges of both villages through the cultural landscape. It leads along the back of the panorama of Šibenec hill and together it defines the first impression of Mšeno from the main arrival from Mělník.

The study also addresses the concept of furniture, target location, etc. It is preceded by a thorough historical search and analysis of the current state. In order to submit an application for a grant, the first step of implementation: the restoration of vegetation elements, grass path and treatment of tree planting, is processed into the implementation documentation and budget.

The road is located on c.a. of two municipalities – c.a. Mšeno and c.a. Velký Újezd. It was therefore necessary to collect the documents and intentions of both municipalities, as well as to ensure the operation of agricultural technology in the study.

The aim was to create a rhythmization of sizes, species, clips, when re-establishing a linear planting of considerable length across a large-area field. This creates an entirely new element, but not disturbing in the surrounding landscape.

Based on searches and field surveys, the system of rhythmization of the planting line was chosen to resemble as much as possible the region's characteristic mixed fruit alley plantings. This rhythm also has to fulfill the function of landmarks in the landscape, both from a distance perspective and while walking through the landscape on a restored path in undulating terrain.

The total length of the existing and renewed road is 2269m.

Location Mšeno
Investor town Mšeno
Area renewed road 1231m long
Project phase studies, documentation of construction budget, application for subsidy of the operational program of the environment
Year 2013
Cooperation Ing. Markéta Pěšičková