touches of water

urban-architectural study

Touches of Water is our name for an urban-architectural study of the territory in Semily, which surrounds the Jizera River, artificially built water canals and streams. Why this name? Because these are areas filled with the spirit of summer, rest, walking along the river, meeting lovers, relaxing in the grass by the river, children's water games, swimming, water sports or sitting in a cafe. Everything takes place by the water, in the water or is otherwise associated with water. Each place, the shore separated from the other by water has a different atmosphere. It's like a mixed pie, each piece has a different taste, consistency and color. A piece of poppy, cottage cheese, plum jam… a raisin in the middle is a confluence in which all the banks meet and which is undoubtedly the living core of this locality. The town of Semily has a great treasure in its very center, which can bring unforgettable experiences to all residents and visitors every day, for which they will always come back to this place.Atakarchitekti  

Location Semily
Investor town Semily
Area 30 ha
Project phase regional study
Year 2012
Cooperation atakarchitekti