heart of Smržovka

forest park - renewal of the city park in Smžovka with the center in the parkhotel Smržovka

The forest park, which dates back to 1840, is located in the centre of Smržovka in the Jizera Mountains. In the initial situation, it was mainly used as a walk-through park, venue for events and recreational space connected with the centrally located Parkhotel. The elements of the original composition were still legible, but in the long term insufficient professional care and the emergency state of the equipment led to reduced quality of stay.

The task was to create a document that will enable the town to systematically care and further develop the territory. The resulting concept respects the architectural-historical, socio-cultural and ecological dimensions. It answers selected questions, such as wider relations, the restoration of views, possibilities of character areas from meadow to forest, road and parking system, activities and larger events, restoration of historical buildings, drainage and springs solutions, furniture and playground areas.

With a philosophy of minimal intervention and gradual steps, it began to be adapted to the Concept of the Forest Park in order to give it back the meaning of the true heart of Smržovka, which is enjoyed and cared for with love and reverence.

Link:  photo gallery of the town Smržovka - photos of works in the forest park
Link:  photo gallery of the cultural and social event Eurion, where the Concept was presented

Location Smržovka
Investor town Smržovka
Area 10 ha
Project phase concept phase, professional supervision, applications for subsidies, professional consultations
Year 2017, 2018
Cooperation Ing. Květoslav Syrový - traffic
Chief project architect Klára Concepcion