space for outdoor games

natural playground and leisure centre at Jamská street, Prague-Kyje

The location with many families suffers from a lack of places for relax and natural features. The natural playground is intended to enable children and their parents to approach not only the area of playground but also the whole area and especially its natural component and encourage them to spend more time in their residential district. Character of play features is inspired by natural processes and laws, and so to bring them closer to visitors. The next layers of design are view points, rest areas and facilities, those fulfil modern needs but doesn't disturb local atmosphere. 

Play component, outdoor furniture, path system and cleaning of vegetation will increase social control and ease the movement and orientation in a space, which wasn't so far very accessible and clearly arranged. However at the same time, the proposed design preserves a natural habitat and balance between man and Nature. New objects and furniture respects a natural character of location and function of playground.

Location Prague 14, Kyje
Investor Prague 14
Area 6 990 m2
Project phase concept, study, documentation for planning permission
Year 2016 - up to now
Cooperation Peter Smetáček (applied art), Jan Knížek (biologist), Jana Kožnarová (environmental pedagogue)