since ever

“ It is a moment that halves the scenery. (Jan Skácel)”

The garden is located in the village of Křenov with an impressive landscape of the Kokořín region. It is divided into a yard area defined by new buildings of a residential building, a barn and an orchard with original fruit trees, which opens a wide view into the meadows - the garden overflows into the countryside where the view is closed by forest and vegetation on the riverbank.

The aim of the design is to achieve a smooth blending of the garden with the charming landscape of the protected area and a comfortable environment to stay with humility to the traditional form of the local garden. In order to achieve this goal, it is especially important to visually and physically connect the orchard with the surroundings, the mutual interconnection of the spaces and the clear definition of the areas and processes in them.

The composition of the plant elements and the utility garden helps to divide the premises of the garden's living areas in relation to different times of day and time, to reduce unwanted views and to support the desirable ones. The modifications result in the gradual optimum development of existing areas, the placement of new ones, the acquisition of the garden and space for maximum outdoor activities for residents and frequent visits. The design assumes the traditional assortment, shape and color of the flowers in order to achieve the desired impression that the garden and the house have been 'since ever'. The proposal also included a care plan.

Location Křenov, Kokořínsko region
Area 2 590 m2
Project phase study, phased realization and care incl. author supervision
Year 2016
Photographer Alena Makovcová