restoration of the historical part of Podmokel - stage X5, Bezručova street

Design and project documentation of vegetation modifications in a public space in Děčín

The area is located in a street with existing, three to six-storey houses on both sides with a rather closed street line. Today, Bezručova Street is without any permanent vegetation.

The overall solution of vegetation modifications is based on the approved Territorial Study Restoration of the historical part of Podmokel, as the second implemented stage. By modifying the surfaces, optimizing the operational relations and adding a completely new planting of tree lines (= one row), a character will be achieved that corresponds to the required level of the central street leading to the main street of Prokop Holý.

The longitudinal axis of planting is continuous along the entire length of the street, the distance between the trees is not regular (conditioned by the deployment of technical infrastructure networks and traffic solutions at rest), but the total number of trees in a row allows to reach the alley.

The trees are located both in the sidewalk (two corner trees at both ends of the section) and in parking spaces. Depending on the spatial possibilities, several types of planting pits were created. Due to the presence of transport, it is necessary to select an assortment of a tree tolerating extreme urban conditions and enabling the necessary future gradual branching of the crown up to the required underpass height. A system of rooted cells is designed to improve conditions for trees. Mechanical protection of trees is provided by a metal lattice and parking stops at the edges of the pits.

Location Podmokly
Investor The town of Děčín
Project phase Completed implementation
Year 2019 -2020
Cooperation Re: architekti
Photographer Klára Concepcion