Mělnická is the one that leads to Mělník

regeneration of Mělnická Street in Mšeno

The proposed solution respects the original urban floor plan of the street with adjoining spaces. The street itself connects several important areas: Wenceslas Square, a corner at the prayer house, the area around the city cemetery and the area at the intersection of Mělnická and Zahradní streets. Each had a different character and function. Overall, it was necessary to emphasize the artistic and historical elements, inhabit the nooks and crannies, add woody plants.

This project is part of the city stretch, it also includes Square for the City (Revitalization of the city core) and Boleslavská Street (Regeneration of Boleslavská Street).

Location Mšeno
Investor the town of Mšeno
Project phase study, author's supervision
Year 2011-2012
Cooperation Ing. Arch. Marek Prchal, Ing. Markéta Pešičková
Photographer Alena Makovcová