jungle intersection

landscape festival in Prague

The track is gone. Sokol's function has changed. The bridge was meaningless. Fences and wires remained. No continuity. The dead-end attracts unwelcome residents. On the other side of the bridge a few meters away, a couple sunbathes on the grass. Difference? Ordinary care and use of any flatter area on a steep slope to Vítkov. From the former embankment is something to look at…

The dismal, forgotten place full of garbage has changed completely within a few days. The new 'intersection' along the embankment and along the basement of the bridge arose as a precise, grubbed stripe that a little provocatively highlitghts the change of this place.

The railroad ties, still remembering the time of the track, revived symbolically, inviting curious visitors to the bridge, where they were drawn into the city jungle by a grass carpet lined with garlands of exotic flowers and mirrors throwing fairy lights like somewhere in the forest. All maintenance-free and ever-flowing as everyone wants. The bridge connecting Vítkov with the Žižkov Sokol hall was opened and allowed visitors to view from a different perspective and opened unknown views of the surroundings. Sokol house is at least intuitively interconnected with the upper sports grounds and the Vítkov hill and the embankment is an invitation to Vítkov from Koněvova street.

Location Prague
Investor Landscape festival
Project phase concept phase, realization
Year 2018
Cooperation Xavier Nicolau Sansó
Photographer Michal Barbuscak