from bleaching-ground towards hemp-kiln

spatial study along Drnový stream in Klatovy

Drnový stream represents an inner axis of a town. It is perceived as a landmark because it connects important parts of the town - downtown - station - orchards and also the North and South of the town with surrounding countryside.

At present, it rather fulfils the engineering function, passes through the city without much attention, ceased to be

an important city-forming element.

The aim of our design was to accent a stream line, pedestrian and cycling paths through the town, towards the countryside. It was also needed to create a space for relax and social life. The complex solution was necessary to embrace by incorporating the stream into  town’s green and traffic structure.

Another aim was to regenerate a stream bed and its banks by adding a natural features and making it accessible for people.

Location Klatovy
Investor Klatovy town
Project phase spatial study
Year 2018
Cooperation Bíza architects