forgotten Ralsko

competition for the best land art in Geopark Ralsko

An anticipated village square with a large linden tree in the middle of the forest, the ruins of a defunct village, and burbling springs on the hillside. We made a trip to Ralsko at the beginning of May. We wanted to explore and get to know the landscape, decipher old footprints and get inspired. In the end, we created several works from the found nature, old unused but also newly created human structures:


ends and begins

always in the same places

once you listen again

kneeling and holding hands to the forest

you go the same evening

go lightly not to trample

fluff next autumn

everything one seems

and yet it rings otherwise

Ming Dynasty

Hit the door twice

and someone will hear you at home once

to heaven

The blooming mirror is

the frail scent of spring.

It turns like a dream

when the pain is old at night

it opens in bloom

and connect on the surface

what has always been and will be already

my region and my soul


sechsundfuenfzig or 56 blossoms from the defunct apple-shell

for 56 German residents in their well

ephemeral traces of the past

bringing slow growing apple trees in the extinct garden

planted a long time ago,

into the newly formed tracks down in the valley

where people still live and farm

Location Ralsko
Investor Geopark Ralsko
Year 2019
Photographer trevisan atelier +