Boleslavská street

Regeneration of Boleslavská Street in Mšeno

Originally a bare street without a single tree, it turned into a city flowering alley with a rose planting. The proposal dealt with rainwater runoff, relocation of utilities and vegetation modifications. Plantings have helped alleviate the dustiness of the environment and improve the aesthetic impression of the street. Between the individual flower beds are built parking spaces for cars, paved with natural stone. The project won the Partnership Foundation award in the “Cesty městy” competition in the Public Space and Transport category for the best line construction of 2015. Boleslavská Street is part of the city stretch. Other projects are Náměstí pro město (revitalization of the historic core) and Mělnická is the one , that leads to Mělník (Regeneration of Mělnická Street). ​
Location Mšeno
Investor the town of Mšeno
Project phase study, author's supervision
Cooperation Ing. Arch.Marek Prchal Ing. Markéta Pešičková
Photographer Alena Makovcová