František´s alley

restoration of the historical road in the landscape of Mšeno

František´s alley was created on the initiative of friends, students and family of Ing. František Smýkal, an excellent gardener, teacher, a man who dedicated his entire life to garden and landscape architecture, he was a teacher at the Gardening High School in Mělník for 20 years.

Fragments of the old entrance road were planted with a varied composition of fruit trees and shrubs. A walk along the entire length of the alley opens up views of the countryside and the town of Mšeno. There is also a cycle route No. 6000 in the alley. The trees have been planted gradually since 2010 and the grand opening of the alley took place in 2011. All organizers and helpers participated in this project on a voluntary basis.

the course of the alley on a map

video of the grand opening of the alley ( author Ondřej Semotán )

Location Mšeno
Investor the town of Mšeno
Area length 1,6 km
Project phase study, grant application, author's supervision, implementation coordination
Year 2010 - 2011
Photographer Alena Makovcová