nova et vetera

competition for a conceptual study of NKP Vyšehrad parks

Vyšehrad is an exceptional place that has been carefully managed for a long time. Enjoyed by locals, visitors from all over Prague, citizens from all over the Czech Republic and tourists from abroad.

We do not offer radical changes. We read the present and the history of Vyšehrad and we articulate and connect individual environments and elements better. We give the environment of Vyšehrad an overall framework, hierarchy and various "festivities". As the main one we emphasize the "Vyšehrad Cross" and especially the line of St. Martin and St. Peter and Paul. Golden path with festive paving. Therefore, the proposed adjustment of the level around St. Martin and cleaning the area in front of St. Peter and Paul underline these main squares. For the Acropolis, we recommend highlighting its history, findings and the generosity of the scale of space. We make the Sightseeing Path along the walls more pleasant and connected, we add connections, we open inaccessible parts, we specify the functions of bastions and we design pleasant and adequate informal sessions. We regulate traffic and parking, eliminate traffic and prefer pedestrians. We unite the pedestrian connections between these three levels of paths. We propose modifications to the stairs and new connections at the Brick Gate, which will make it more pleasant and understandable for visitors. We are looking for a place for the Vyšehrad Museum. We propose an external bypass road and old-new approaches to Vyšehrad from Výtoň and Nusle. We are clarifying the access from the metro. We recommend places for activities outside the main fortress. We bring a proposal of art interventions and information system. We propose the concept of vegetation and rainwater management with the awareness of adaptation to climate change. We underline the atmosphere of the "sacred grove"; smooth movement under the trees. By adjusting the management, we support the difference in the habitability of lawns. With subtle non-invasive adjustments, we return the main silhouette, panoramic views and natural orientation in the area. We prefer survival to felling. With proofs of composition and additions, we underline the characters of individual environments.

We assume that the regulation of the Vyšehrad environment is a very long-term matter, therefore our proposal assumes gradual, independently feasible and functional modifications, which are, however, subject to the overall concept.

text author: Petr Lešek, Projektil architekti

Degree: competition - conceptual study

Placement in the competition : 3rd place

Author team: Projektil architects, Jitka Trevisan, Klára Concepcion

Year of processing: 2019