exhibition of photographs 'black and white spa' in Mšeno

exhibition of old photographs - Mšeno 2013

photography exhibition: seen by eyes of photographers from the 19th century to the present, following the cycle of exhibitions Black and White Mšeno, this time thematically focused on the city spa

authors of the exhibition: Jiří Říha, Zuzana Paučová, Jitka Trevisan (concept of the exhibition)

organizer: Ornamental Association for Mšeno and surroundings, o.s., the town of Mšeno, TJ Sokol, ZUŠ Mšeno

"Is the past really as black and white as we know it from old photographs and movies? Is it located  in gray and shadows, or is it incredibly vivid and full of colors we don't even see anymore? Let's dive into times long past and get to know their bright sides and their magic ....

... The past, which we think is distant, is in fact very close. "Jiří Říha